Maritime English Translations

Translating a text is an intensive thinking process and requires specific knowledge of the target language. Each professional sphere has its specific language. See more

Therefore, let your texts be translated by an experienced translator who understands your field of expertise. E. Gech offers translations from / into any combination of the following languages: English, Bulgarian and Dutch. The specific areas of the professional translations are as follows:

  • Ships and ship-related issues
  • Cargo and cargo handling
  • Sea transport documents
  • Maritime safety
  • Transport and logistics
  • Maritime education and training

A rate per word is applicable for written translation work, whereas interpretation is charged at an hourly rate. Unless agreed otherwise, the word rate is based on the number of words in the source text, counted in Microsoft Word. Depending on the urgency of the service, the translations are:

  • standard – within 2 or more working days
  • express – within 24 hours (up to 2000 words)

The rates in EUR for the written translations into/from any combination of the languages English, Dutch and Bulgarian, are as follows:

Standard Express Interpretation
Translation 0.09 €/word 0.11€/word 35 € /hour

With larger volumes the terms are subject to additional agreement. The non-binding offer consists of a clear project description, deadline and a total price.

If you’d like to receive a non-binding offer, send your file to giving the following details:

  • contact name and e-mail address
  • theme of the translation (one of the above-mentioned areas of translation)
  • the target language of the translation

You will receive a quotation within 24 hours.


Editing & Proofing

You want to be sure that your presentation/report is easy to read and that it does not contain ambiguities/spelling mistakes/ incorrect grammar. We can improve your written work. We provide editing and proofing services for your correspondence/documentation. Send us your text to to receive a quotation.

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Training Design

The international language of communication in the maritime world is English. Employees of maritime companies come into daily situations where they have to express themselves in English. See more

We offer these companies the opportunity to organize a maritime English course within their own company. Contact us!

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English Lessons

You need help in mastering certain language skills or you just need more English language lessons, for example, with respect to Incoterms or the use of English in the sea transport documents. See more

We will be happy to teach you. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Maritime English Course by E. Gech
Maritime English Course by E. Gech
Maritime English Course by E. Gech
Maritime English Course by E. Gech
Maritime English Course by E. Gech
Maritime English Course by E. Gech